Maria Jane Loizou

Mary M.  September 12, 2017

Maria Jane is a joy to meet with each week.She adapts lessons as she gets to know your voice and its strengths and areas for improvement. I would highly recommend her!


Cary W.  May 7, 2017

It has been a pleasure working with Maria! I had some background in music from mygrade school days and have been singing non-professionally in both formal and informal settings for years since. I have been getting by just learning by ear, but I wanted to re-familiarize myself with the fundamentals of singing and music. Maria has been explaining everything music to me (reminding me after all these years) from reading sheet music, keeping time, and how to speak the same language as my band mates and the professional musicians I occasionally sing with. Outside of relearning the basic concepts and techniques, I didn't have a solid goal in mind, but Maria will find something to focus on each week that will help me grow. For example, my preferred genres are pop and rock, but we decided revisiting the classical styles might actually help develop my voice more. If you want to focus on pop, she will! Maria is helping me make sure I keep my voice healthy and sounding its best!


Isabel K.  April 6, 2017

Maria brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the lessons, while creating a supportive environment. The most significant thing I have learned from her is proper breath support. Although I have been singing for most of my life, I realized I had much to learn about this foundational skill. Singing has never felt so easy, and best of all, I'm now more confident of my singing ability!


Mark T.  November13, 2016

I am now a senior at Skidmore College who is pursuing a career both as a musician and an actor. I sing professionally in the summers with the Vineyard Sound now and perform classical music and musicals at school every year or so. I started voice lessons with Maria Jane in early high school and she single handedly setme up for the success I have today. She's a terrifically trained, curious, and caring instructor who knows exactly what her students need. Even though I am a man, her warmups made my voice feel incredible every lesson and she helped me work through the anxieties of figuring out my voice and how to not hurt myself. As a baritone she stretched my range dramatically and taught me the fundamentals of how to breath that continue to set me apart from my colleagues in both theater and singing. I will forever have gratitude for Maria Jane teaching me techniques of how to read my songs correctly, keep my rhythms in check, and unlock my sound. The technique and mindset I've inherited from her instruction have set me on a path of success I hope to continue exploring for the rest of my life. Maria Jane is a practitioner of extremely smart, educated singing that encourages a wide breadth of knowledge from her students enabling them to delve deep into the song technically and emotionally while at the same time feeling easy and free in their voice. I fully encourage anyone at all levels to take a lesson with Maria Jane. She shaped the way I sing from the beginning enabling me to become the full-voiced and confident performer I am today.


Myrna O.  November 9, 2016

Maria Jane Loizou is an outstanding voice teacher. I have been studying for many years and have had different vocal experiences. She has a deep understanding of how the voice works and has an amazing ability to correct problems wit happropriate exercises and repertoire. I recommend her to you!🎶🎶. She is delightful to work with.